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ProDemand Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

by John Lopez

What is ProDemand?

ProDemand is an auto repair information program that combines both OEM and exclusive real-world information from professional technicians and over a billion actual repairs into one single lookup. Made for professional repair shops, it is powered by the advanced search technology, 1Search Plus, and has a user-friendly graphical layout that allows technicians to flow through the information in the same way they approach a diagnosis and repair.

How much does ProDemand cost?

ProDemand is a subscription-based product that has varied pricing based on the subscription term as well as other variables like the number of users. For the best pricing, call or text John Lopez at (504) 289-0953 and see what current promotions and local discounts can be applied to ensure you get the best deal for your operation.

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What car repair information does ProDemand provide?

ProDemand offers both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and real-world information. SureTrack auto diagnostics includes exclusive information developed from data mining over a billion actual repairs and from a community of mechanical expert technicians that users can turn to for advice. Some of the specific information features of significance include:

  • OEM repair and service information, all makes and models, 1960 to 2024
  • Guided component tests (including connector views)
  • Help diagnosing multiple diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Estimate guide with labor times, OEM parts pricing, and parts diagrams viewable on a single page
  • Quick Links that take you instantly to frequently looked-up information: TSBs, wiring diagrams, common specs, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems/ADAS, fluid capacities, TPMS, tire fitment, reset procedures, DTC index, service manuals, etc
  • Industry-leading advanced interactive color wiring diagrams (patent pending)
  • Scheduled OEM maintenance and extended maintenance up to 300,000 miles
  • The industry’s largest database of real-world knowledge with over 1 billion repair records covering just about every year/make/model combination you’re likely to see in your shop, all validated by SureTrack expert technicians
  • TSBs & Recalls
  • Customized quotes with parts, labor, shop supplies, hazmat fees, and tax
  • Award winning technical and product support to help you with hard to find information
  • Helpful multimedia images, videos, audio clips, and much more

What is the SureTrack Community?

The SureTrack Community gives you access to thousands of professional automotive technicians across North America and Puerto Rico. You can not only get help with difficult vehicle questions but can contribute to the community by answering other technicians’ questions and sharing tips for vehicle diagnostics and repair. The community includes a robust automated notification and subscription system that helps you get answers to your questions quickly, typically within a few minutes. The community has many members who monitor questions for particular vehicle lines to ensure that the questions get answered quickly. Once you have repaired the vehicle, you are encouraged to close out your question with the fix which then becomes part of the greater SureTrack data system to help future technicians who may come across the same issue.

What if ProDemand doesn’t have the vehicle I’m working on?

Contact Product Content Support at 1-888-724-6742 and press option 3. If we don’t have it in our system yet or if the vehicle is prior to 1960, we can still help by emailing or faxing the information to you.

Does ProDemand offer Product Content Support in Spanish?

Yes. Contact Product Content Support at 1-888-724-6742 and press option 3.

How many ProDemand logins do I get?

Your Prodemand subscription comes with 5 simultaneous logins.

I have a multi location operation. Can each location access ProDemand using the same account?

No. The license is for 5 concurrent uses in a single location. If your company has multiple locations, you will need a license for each location. However, businesses with multiple locations may be eligible for additional discounts.

Can I use ProDemand on my smartphone?

You can, but the small size of the screen might make it difficult to read. We recommend an iPad or Android-based tablet device for in-vehicle use.

Can ProDemand be viewed in Spanish?

Yes, ProDemand can be viewed in over 100 languages by setting your Google Chrome web browser to the language of your choice.

I’ve used a competing product and it was difficult to find what I wanted. Can I expect the same with ProDemand?

Definitely not! ProDemand is very intuitive and easy to use. You will be locating everything you need in no time at all! To help you master the software, we offer product documents, training videos, and live onboarding webinars run by product experts at Mitchell 1. These are free and you and any team members may participate in as many as you wish.

I’ve been in business for years and I haven’t needed this software. How can I justify the added expense?

Just like many tools, once you use it, you will wonder how you got by without it. ProDemand is an income producer and not an expense.

Which version of ProDemand do I need?

ProDemand is a cloud-based automotive repair software that works through your internet connection and is automatically updated. Each time a user logs into their account they are served the latest version of ProDemand.

Do you have repair information for medium and heavy trucks?

Yes, TruckSeries repair information for commercial trucks is designed to provide service professionals with labor times, diagnostics, and complete repair information for all makes of Class 4 through 8 trucks.

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